In Order to safeguard your loved ones, first take care of yourself.

Our Vision

"Health For All"

Our Goal

"To build healthier lives and create lasting solutions by educating and empowering people"

About Us

Our aim is to reach out to the multitude and lead them towards disease-free life. In India, there has been an estimated 72 million diabetes cases in 2017, a figure expected to double by 2025. Hence, our goal is to reach the diabetics and to help them better manage the condition. Furthermore, our aim is to impart nutrition education among people to prevent and reduce the incidences of diabetes, overweight, PCOS, dyslipidemia, hypertension and other related complications.
Many lifestyle diseases run in the family, which states that you can simply pass this on to your future generations. Besides, the rate at which these numbers are rising is alarming. Then why not prevent it or reverse it?
The answer is easy and conventional lifestyle modification. Behavior modification is the need of the hour, striking the right balance between work, diet and rest is where most of us are lacking. Understanding the needs of your body and feeding it right is the key to a healthy and sustainable living. The goal should not be to go fast but to go far and that is what we aim at.
All the mentioned afflictions demand a specially designed steady and sustainable remedy and not mere few days of diet modification. At Precise Potion, we provide easy to follow Health Plans with continuous monitoring and motivation along with modifications in your routine which has a cumulative effect on your overall health over the years. Our primary focus is on inculcating healthy habits among everybody, through which your family and children will benefit too. Hence said, Children follow what we do; and not what we say. In order to safeguard your loved ones: first, take care of yourself.

About the founder

Farheen Khan is a leading proficient nutritionist, lifestyle modification coach, teacher; diet, health, fitness and weight loss expert. She is the founder of Precise Potion, which is an online Health platform that provides a sustainable world-class solution for all the health needs.

She is a post-graduate from The University of Mumbai specialized in Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics and holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Management. Having studied Nutrition for over 5 years she is an expert in her field and believes in the continuous gain of knowledge not just in nutrition but anything and everything that catches her interest. She strongly believes that, "Life is all about embracing change, the only thing constant is Learning".
Her passion for Health and fitness keeps her on her toes to stay up-to-date and internalize every bit of her knowledge. She is actively involved with NGOs in spreading nutrition awareness and improvement of health status among children and women especially. Her aim is to provide Healthy eating solutions to everybody and encourage people to adopt a more active lifestyle with minute modifications on a day to day basis which will add years to their life. Her mantra is simple, "Minor and sustainable changes are far more valuable than a radical change that only last a couple of weeks."

Her honesty and integrity is what keeps her going Educating and empowering people with the knowledge of nutrition is her mission. She is dedicated towards each of her clients and seeks long-term health and well-being of her clients rather than over-night transformations that render health ramifications.

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