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Our aim is to reach out to the multitude and lead them towards disease-free life. In India, there has been an estimated 72 million diabetes cases in 2017, a figure expected to double by 2025. Hence, our goal is to reach the diabetics and to help them better manage the condition. Furthermore, our aim is to impart nutrition education among people to prevent and reduce the incidences of diabetes, overweight, PCOS, dyslipidemia, hypertension and other related complications.
Many lifestyle diseases run in the family, which states that you can simply pass this on to your future generations. Besides, the rate at which these numbers are rising is alarming. Then why not prevent it or reverse it?
The answer is easy and conventional. lifestyle modification. Behavior modification is the need of the hour, striking the right balance between work, diet and rest is where most of us are lacking. Understanding the needs of your body and feeding it right is the key to a healthy and sustainable living. The goal should not be to go fast but to go far and that is what we aim at...KNOW MORE

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